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DPRs are very essential tools for decision making for the promoter of business and for the financing bank. It will open up a panoramic view of the business module, methodology and financials

DPRs are to be prepared by a consultant who understands technical aspects of business and he should be a good financial analyst as well as a visionary. He should have good exposure to nuances of that business and also good banking back ground.

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This is of two types.

First is the technology of cultivation of crop:-There are many cultivators who believe that a traditional farmer would be the best guide to know the techniques of cultivation. This is true to some extent. Once some body plans to invest on large scale and want a definite result, the support of horticulturist is a must who would advise on soil, environmental parameters, fertilizers required and time of application, control of disease and insect pests which would reduce the yield to a great extent or lead to total loss. Prevention is better than cure says an adage. It is totally wrong to consult the technical experts after the disease and pest attack happens as it would be difficult to control the same at that stage and a good lot of crop loss would have happened. Hence the services of technical expert should start from day one before the problem occurs.

Second is the know how regarding processing of the field produce. If the project is integrated one where in the farm produce is to be processed for value addition, for marketing reasons, the entrepreneur has to plan well in advance.


If your area is vast, has limited resources go in for fruit crops. This field has added advantage of lesser management demand and is highly profitable.


Good crop for high profitability especially when intermediary losses in marketing are controlled. Short duration, lower risks but labour intensive.


Flowers are grown for local and export markets. This field command large investment and time bound operations. Good for corporate farming with export ideas. Some good farmers are successfully catering to demands of local cities and earning good profits. Highly technology oriented and labour intensive.


Mainly in southern states of India followed by north east of India. Large tracks of land are invariably covered.

Hidden strengths of the field for higher profitability are yet to be exploited. Has large international market.


Organically cultivated grains, fruits & vegetables are in high demand world wide. Such fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamins & minerals, devoid of harmful pesticidal residues and nitrates.

This field has good export potential and command space in specially marked shelf of your home town super market.


This field essentially looks into diseases of plants due to bacteria, fungus, virus, viroids, mycoplasma,saprophytes and all kinds of insect pests and nematodes in soil and plants.

Timely management is very essential for successful cultivation of any crop.

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Water is an important input for cultivation of any crop and for rearing animals. Water is sourced from open sources like tanks, open wells, canals, rivers and from closed underground sources like bore wells.

The water later has to be judiciously used by modern methods like drip irrigation, sprinkler systems( large and micro). Our irrigation engineers would help you in designing a proper irrigation system with right pumpset and distribution system.

Green houses are essential for growing flowers and vegetables in controlled environment- temperature, light intensity, carbon di oxide level are managed. A must for export oriented floriculture. Demands higher investment.

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The turnkey support from a consultant would solve many issues of implementation as experience of consultant help to a great extent in saving cost and time.He also helps in sourcing the machinery from proper source.

However this is more in vogue for agro based industry only. Cultivation portion generally we don't get turnkey support. The green house erection, minor irrigation, fertigation systems can be on turnkey support.

Bio technology in agriculture is a growing front. Under plant propagation tissue culture technology helps to produce large number of similar plants .When ever new breeds are released this technology helps to supply the plants early.


When very large tracts of lands are available farm forestry can be a better bet. Even under small holdings for absentee land lords or with lesser management capabilities farm forestry can be adopted. Here one can grow trees like Teak, sandal, eucalyptus, casurina etc., Gestation period is large however with proper crop mix field can be made interesting financially.

If the size of the project is large invariably the entrepreneur has to go in for the marketing himself. In this case he has to finalise the buyer, price, quantum in advance and work back to achieve the set target in quantity, quality and time of delivery.To fix up buyers, one can avail the support of consultants who would help in establishing a tie up and good terms and he may provide second line of buyer support if the first fails.

A forward integration logic for large growers. It is also good as an industrial activity with good domestic and large export demands. Regular and large demand ensures good profitability with low pay back period.


Animal husbandry is an essential component of farming to convert the farm waste into consumable product like meat, milk etc., and it also generates farm yard manure essential for the cultivation of crops.

Various animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, pig, poultry birds are reared for higher profitability. Processing of the output like milk, meat can be done for value addition and preservation which can be integrated in the husbandry program for higher profits.

The following animal husbandry projects can be considered by new entrepreneurs.

  1. Dairy Projects :- Dairying is a profitable venture today and is a must for all organic farming projects. Rearing hybrid cows, high yielding buffaloes are fetching good returns. One can go with interesting forward linkages like processing for value addition. Right planning will help in maximizing profits. Our team of dairy experts supported by business advisors, project consultants will help you to design right size of projects for maximizing profits.
  2. Sheep & Goat farming:- These are low cost animal husbandry programs with very high returns logic. Demand good supporting grass land and good marketing logic. Size, breed, culling in the right way helps in improving the bottomline.
  3. Piggery:- Popular in selected districts one of the best meat and high yielder. An excellent converter of bio waste and farm by products. Wherever local market is good this is an interesting project.
  4. Poultry:- Very popular animal husbandry activity in most part of the country where temperatures are not very low.Layers for egg production, broilers for the chicken can be reared. New commercial logics with participation of hatcheries are in place to help themselves and to help small investors who can contribute management and sheds.
  5. Fisheries:- good project in back waters, river basins and also in farm ponds. This can be used in composite farming logics to maximize yield, as a supporting logic for organic farming. Helps in augmenting income.Small pond fishries are popular in places like west bengal and orissa where fish eating population is large.

Cultivation of mulberry and rearing worms to produce silk cocoons is called sericulture. This activity is mainly restricted to south India more so in Karnataka and tamilnadu. Kashmir and north east also produce some silk. Generally this activity is home scale project and does not look into any advisory support. However if one plans it on large scale the equation changes and in such cases the services of project consultant is advisable.


DPRs are very essential tools for decision making for the promoter of business and for the financing bank. It will open up a panoramic view of the business module, methodology and financials

DPRs are to be prepared by a consultant who understands technical aspects of business and he should be a good financial analyst as well as a visionary. He should have good exposure to nuances of that business and also good banking back ground.

You can register for a DPR service or a preliminary CHAT

Many a times we find people who want to know what project to start. We had opportunity to advise on this aspects to india's top most industrial house who could save themselves from losses of the order of 300 lakhs due to right and timely advise.

The vision of the experienced consultant helps in choosing the right product mix, correct size of the business and even a right line of business basing on various factors of production like land, labour(management) and capital.

Many software engineers, IIM graduates rightly consultant us for this service.This helps in proper decision making.

Companies small or big may have to reassess their strengths and weaknesses, modify various factors to basically improve their bottom line as also think of innovative methods in modifying their top line. Our team of chartered accountants, company secretaries experienced business visionaries will work as think tank to change the business scenario of the client for higher profitability or even turn around.

This is a highly specialized field and our team who has long standing experience supported by able chartered accountants and company secretaries will help to take advantage of the sick units rehabilitation package negotiate with their bankers for rescheduling and for further financial support for ensuring turn around of the unit.

This is a new field for India although in very traditional way people are working in a small way to negotiate with bankers. Our experienced team will help in mobilizing funds required for the new venture of the client from leading banks of their local area.

IPO/Private placement

Other forms of fund generation like IPO, private placement etc., are also on cards.

Once an entrepreneur is stabilized in his business started as a proprietorship firm then graduated to partnership firm there is distinct advantage in moving to a company formation to take advantages of company laws and provisions.

Our chartered accountants and company secretaries will help in formation of company for our clients.

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