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From time immemorial man is searching for fields where he can venture and make profits. After he chose industries, business and service sectors and facing tough competition he started looking at rural exposure, business in agriculture to enjoy nature and also the profits .

While many plan to enter the agri farming whether as a business or for enjoyment it is traditional practice to try their hand with the help of local farmers. Farmers in general have learnt a few things based on their observation from the fellow farmers but they do not have the professional outlook due to lack of education and exposure. Hence they fail many times. The modern farmer who enters this field after graduation is an exception to this rule. Hence good education in agri sciences is a must to do farming. If one goes for organic farming you must know the fundamentals accurately.

Availing services of a project advisor is becoming a necessity since people look at agriculture as a business and they don't want to fail and lose their investment. Big farming logics are possible only if done on scientific footing.

The services of a project consultant is not free since it is the source of livelihood for him. It takes several years of experience after graduation in the field of agriculture for one to call himself or work as agri project advisor or consultant.He needs to update himself continuously and refresh himself as biology is a dynamic subject and one person has to handle many specializations , interact with subject matter specialists for second opinions. Thus when he calls himself a treasure house of agri knowledge he has invested a lot of time and money.Hence his services has to be accepted at a price to ensure that his tribe remains and grows.

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